Digi-Talenty Maj 2021: Results

Time flies, and it’s already June! The results of May Contest have been sent to the participants, and they can enjoy them today.
We  want to wish all young participants the best Chidren’s Day, which is celebrated around the world tomorrow, June 1st! 
Children make this World better! As a teacher or a parent, it’s your utmost duty to educate them in a way that makes them a better human being. Every Kid is special regardless of race, religion, and caste. Usher them with lots of love and positivity on this Children’s day and make sure to teach them how to be more kind to the world.  Читать далее


We are glad to announce the  results
of the XVII International Online Contest Digi-Talenty Wiosna 2021!!!

We have received 485 applications  within short period of 2 weeks. More than that 70% of applications were submitted by participants during 2 last days of registration. That was epic!

 Participants represented 23 countries: Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Spain,  Thailand, Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Republic of Serbia, Bosnia and Hercegovina, Hungary,  Romania, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Northern Cyprus, Ukraine (LPR),  Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Israel. Читать далее