They say that the position of the moon, planets and stars is not the most favorable now, and eclipses are adding up to the situation, and that all these factors affect our life, activities, decisions.
But for the participants who took part in our autumn edition of the Digi-Talenty contest, no planets are a decree! The participants сonfidently hone their skills and share their creativity with us.
The jury members noted this time the high level of the performances in all categories.

About 1000 talented people aged 5 and over took part in the autumn edition! Accepted 407 applications from 14 countries (Belarus, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, North Macedonia, Moldova, Romania, Indonesia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Israel)

The works were evaluated by our international JURY >>>
We thank all members of the jury for their professionalism and objectivity. We look forward to further cooperation!