Digi-Talenty Maj 2021: Results

Time flies, and it’s already June! The results of May Contest have been sent to the participants, and they can enjoy them today.
We  want to wish all young participants the best Chidren’s Day, which is celebrated around the world tomorrow, June 1st! 
Children make this World better! As a teacher or a parent, it’s your utmost duty to educate them in a way that makes them a better human being. Every Kid is special regardless of race, religion, and caste. Usher them with lots of love and positivity on this Children’s day and make sure to teach them how to be more kind to the world. 

This edition was exceptional due to the fact that all 507 applications has received enough points to receive a Laureate Diploma or  a Certificate of Merit. The level of preparation was high, so that none of the participants received just a Diploma of Participation. 

19 countries were represented in the contest by about 1000 participants: Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Moldova, Spain, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, France, Macedonia, Republika Srpska, Kosovo, Northern Cyprus, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Estonia and Armenia.

Let us present you our jury! 

1. Irina Narbekova
Member of the Union of Cinematographers, member of the Union of Theater Workers, member of the Guild of Actors of Belarusian Cinema, leading stage master, theater and film actress, Honored Artist of Belarus.

2. Maryna Leanovich
folk vocal teacher. Winner of international competitions. Creative Director of Artivities, Russia-Belarus.

3. Mariola Sójka
Specialist in modern forms of dance, holder of regional and state awards in the field of culture and education, Poland.

4. Vitali Papish
choreographer — director; teacher of dance technique of jazz contemp; initiator of many creative projects in India, China, Nepal, France. Member of many international festivals and creative laboratories.

5. Tetiana Chernoknizhnaya
Choreographer; teacher of dance technique of jazz contemp; initiator of many creative projects in Europe and Asia. Member of many international festivals and creative laboratories. Choreographer of the school of modern dance «Potoki» Dnepr (Ukraine)

6. Aliaksandra Beshta
teacher of arts and crafts, author of projects-winners at the Republican competitions of applied and artistic creativity.

7. Olga Louque
Graduate Of The Belarusian State Academy Of Music
In the past, she was a soloist of the folk instruments Orchestra of the Belarusian State University. Winner of several prestigious competitions in Belarus and Poland. For many years, she worked as the head of the Children’s vocal and instrumental ensemble «Plomen», a multiple winner of National and International competitions and festivals. Olga’s students, instrumental soloists and vocalists, are also multiple winners of international competitions. Olga Luk also taught at the school of early development. Teaching experience of more than 20 years.
Olga is also a graduate of the Belarusian Academy of Postgraduate Education, where she majored in speech Therapy. Experience as a speech therapist is more than 15 years.
Olga is the founder and head of » North Texas Talentville School” (Texas, USA), where children from 1 year old develop their talents in different directions. The main one is Music!

8.  Oksana Kulchytska
Songwriter, head of the children’s vocal theater «Notki», music teacher, pop vocal teacher at The Only School of Jazz and Pop Music in Ukraine (Kiev, Ukraine), master of music.

9. Victoria Sage
Graduate of Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts, Moldova. Lives in Dallas, USA. Teaches at Music studio «Music and Arts», Choirmaster/accompanist at Dallas Fort Worth association Christian Church.

10. Anastasia Balysh
artist from Belarus. Participant of numerous exhibitions abroad and at home. Her paintings are in private collections around the world, in museums in Belarus and in the collection of the University of Oxford. Illustrator of children’s books (American and domestic publishing houses). Organizer of creative plein airs. Member of the creative association «Mastak».

11. Alexander Vinokurov
Teacher of wind instruments (clarinet, saxophone, flute). Conductor and musician. Lives in Berlin. Graduated from the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture and has 30 years of experience as a teacher in Russia and Germany. Plays and teaches children and adults traditional klezmer music. For three years he directed a project at Janusz Korczak’s House in Berlin — Germany’s first children’s klezmer orchestra.
Now he is managing two projects: 1) teaching klezmer music from 0-level on the clarinet; 2) the author’s method of teaching to play a wind instrument from Hawaii — Classik Xaphoon for Russian speakers from all over the world from the 0-level.
He prepares future musicians — for study at musical institutions, gives master classes for wind instrument ensembles, and also provides online consultations and training. (Germany – Russia).

12. Hanna Leanovich
Theater and film actress. Graduate of the Moscow Institute of Culture. President of the Artivities company. Russia 

13. Magdalena Ziółkowska
choreographer, teacher at the State Music School in Gliwice, lecturer at postgraduate studies, co-owner of the Maciej Art Studio in Zabrze. She is a laureate of many artistic awards in the field of dance, playing instruments and singing. She composes songs for children and writes books on music education. Most of all, however, she is a teacher and ambassador of good quality in Polish music education.

14. Larysa Sakalova
Head of the art department of the Zaslavsky Children’s Art School, a member of Creative Public Association Mastak since 2005, winner of many regional, republican and international competitions, holder of awards in the field of culture. Belarus

15. Galkovskaya Irina
musicologist, member of the artistic and methodological councils of the Pskov Regional College of Arts named after N. Rimsky-Korsakov, teacher with the highest qualification category, graduate of the Kazan State Conservatory. For 11 years, Irina has been supervising one of the youngest and most promising departments of the college — «Musical Pop Art». Russia

16. Katarzyna Grudzień
Polish linguist, theater instructor in Cultural Centre in Pulawy, founder of SPUT² theater,  organizer of  theater, recitation and  interpersonal communication workshops.

17.  Marina Kreskova 
Teacher-choreographer, head of the children’s studio of choreography, finalist of the show «I can!»  (Belarusian version of talent shows) Minsk! Director of the contests “Beauty of Russia” and “Schoolchildren of the Next Generation”, Russia-Belarus.